Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Kissing Frogs

I've done a few internet marketing courses in my time, been to a number of seminars and bootcamps (all of them highly enjoyable) and spent some money on courses.  And I'm now at the stage where I know who I trust - who will deliver techniques that really work - and who will give you only part of it, or nothing at all.

Perhaps most important (to me, at least) is ongoing support so that I can ask about things I don't understand or that don't seem to work.  So many courses and information products seem to lure people in by promising that 'this will work' but then, when it doesn't, offering no backup.

I like the ones that offer a money-back guarantee.  It means they've got confidence in what they're teaching.  Although, of course, there are one or two scams in that area.  Some time back I downloaded a training report on driving traffic to your website.  The advertising blurb said it would teach you to drive traffic 'from scratch'.  I'd just set up a new website and it sounded as though it might be useful.  Turned out that you had have to have a certain number of visitors to your website already in order to make it work.  Added to that, the instructions on how the system worked (it was to do with using a script) were totally incomprehensible - and I'm fairly computer literate.  I emailed the seller . . . no reply.  I emailed again . . . still no reply.  I went to the website and tried contacting the helpdesk through that . . . no reply.  I'd paid via Paypal and put in a complaint and, eventually, I got my money back. 

Another time I downloaded a training report on 'a completely new way of driving traffic to your site' by a seemingly respected internet marketer.  When I read it, there was nothing new about it at all.  Unfortunately, this one didn't have a money back guarantee.  I protested to the seller that the blurb had been misleading but - yes you've guessed it - I got no reply.  A good case of buyer beware!

They say that to find a prince you've got to kiss a lot of frogs and, yes, I've kissed one or two in my time.  But it's been worth it because, ultimately, it led me to the mentors who know it and teach it, who offer support for when you're stuck or you don't understand, and who really want you to succeed.

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