Sunday, 25 November 2012

It's not easy to find time to read everything

There is a huge amount published every week on the internet on the subject of internet marketing, affiliate marketing, using social networks, blogging . . . and the all the paraphernalia of making money online.  Some of what's written is interesting, some is informative, some is both interesting and informative. 

I read a lot of it and, as you'll know if you read this blog regularly, I like to share things that I find helpful.  So about three months ago, I started to compile a weekly newsletter containing twenty of so of the stories and articles that had caught my eye during the past seven days.  I offered it to the people who were already on my list and, three months on, more people are reading it each week.

I haven't advertised it at all but the response I've had to it has now prompted me to mention it here in case any of the readers of this blog would like to subscribe to it.  It's free and all you need to do is click here and then fill in your name and email address on the form and click 'sign up'.

Recent articles have included:
  • 5 easy ideas for increasing blog traffic
  • 7 reasons to join Pinterest for Business
  • A report on the new Facebook purchase tracking tool
  • The secrets behind great business websites
  • Best practices for SEO content writing
  • Making money with social media
  • 6 Insider Secrets to a Winning Affiliate Marketing Program
  • How to Build an Online Business From Scratch
  • 10 reasons for using videos for marketing
  • How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest
  • 10 ecommerce turn-offs to avoid
  • Why businesses fail online
  • How to make your online branding brilliant
The Sphinx House Newsletter comes out every Monday.

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