Thursday, 5 April 2012

Big Brother is Watching You . . . the protest begins!

There has been, as you might expect, an outcry against the UK Government's proposals to monitor our 'phone calls and emails and the websites we visit.  Yesterday, the campaigning online community Avaaz started a petition addressed to the Prime Minister, deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary, in which it says:
As concerned citizens we urge you to immediately drop plans for an Internet big brother bill (Communications Capabilities Development Programme). Our democracy and civil liberties are under threat from the excessive and unnecessary internet surveillance provisions without any judicial oversight in this bill. We hope you will protect our privacy and keep your election promise to "reverse the rise of the surveillance state"
When I looked a few moments ago, over 38,500 people had signed it.  Interestingly, not all of these are from the UK.  People in other countries are clearly concerned that, if the UK Government gets away with this, their own Governments may start to get ideas.  I have a feeling that this petition may raise many more than the 50,000 signatures that Avaaz is looking for.

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