Friday, 6 April 2012

Oh to have a printer now that April's here!

My printer has packed up.  I can't complain - it's done valiant service.  It wasn't an expensive model - an hp deskjet actually - and I must have had it at least ten years.  I've ordered a new one but, what with Easter being this weekend, it won't be arriving until Tuesday.  So, meanwhile, I'm without a printer.  And I've had quite a lot that needs printing.

I suppose the sensible thing would have been to stick the files onto a memory stick and then load them onto my husband's computer and print from there.  But it seemed easier just to email the files to him.  Hmm . . .

He (for reasons best known to himself) uses rocketmail.  I've tried a Yahoo mail account before now and discovered that it often took days for something to arrive, if it arrived at all.  So when half an hour had passed and my emails to husband still hadn't arrived, I looked for other ways of getting them there.  (As to why I didn't use a memory stick at this juncture, your guess is as good as mine . . . but I didn't.)

So at this point it turned into a major operation.  I emailed the files to a hotmail account that I use occasionally.  Then I shut down microsoft outlook on my computer and sent the files from the hotmail account to my own email account.  Husband then logged into my email account via mail2web and - glory hallelujah - downloaded the files onto his machine.  What a palaver!

Meanwhile I have a memory stick sitting on my desk, looking at me reproachfully!

I shall miss my old printer - it was so simple to use, had good print quality, was fast and would print double-sided (although this was something I didn't discover until I'd had it quite a while).  I hope the new printer will be as good - although I doubt it.  I read numerous reviews of a wide variety of printers and this was the one that had the fewest negative reviews.   Although, come to think of it, there was one that had 100% positive reviews but it's no longer available - go figure!

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