Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Cost of Building an Internet Business

One thing I've noticed about most, if not all, the top internet marketers that I've come across is that, when they're trying to sell a course  on how to build a successful internet business, they emphasise that one of the major benefits is that you'll be able to run your business from your laptop - anywhere in the world - and it'll only take a couple of hours a day.  And the key to this is not just knowledge of how to do it, but automation and outsourcing.  Which is great once you've got your business up and running, but if you're just starting, with a limited budget, you can find yourself working very long hours to begin with.

I also find it interesting that so few of these course-presenters actually tell you up front how much extra you're going to have to spend on software and so on.  Let's face it, some of these courses are pretty expensive and most people are going to have to budget for them.  But usually no mention is made of the fact that you will need an autoresponder, for example, until you've actually bought the course.

So to anyone just starting out, I would suggest that, before you buy a course, you ask whether you will need anything over and above the course itself - and how much it's likely to cost.

Having started on your course, sometimes software is recommended as a way of speeding up the process.  A few years ago I bought a dvd course from which I learned quite a lot.  I could see that the presenter knew what he was talking about.  So when he encouraged writing articles to promote one's business, I took notice.  He emphasised the importance of getting one's articles out to as many article directories as possible and heartily recommended a piece of software which would do this automatically.  It wasn't cheap but it seemed as though it would save so much time, I invested in it.  It was a disaster!  Yes, it had hundreds of article directories programmed in but, as I soon found out, quite a few of them were defunct or the software wouldn't connect with them and there was no way of weeding them out.  And it was only automated up to a point - you still had to connect to each site individually.  I stopped using it after a month or two and wished that I had taken advantage of its 30 day free trial.  But I hadn't, because it had been so highly recommended.

So to anyone starting up or further along the way, I'd say please learn by my mistake and be wary of buying expensive software just on a recommendation.  Look at reviews, take advantage of a free trial or make sure that there's a money back guarantee.

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  1. It's pretty rare to find honest comments on the subject when everybody these days seems to be trying to sell you a get-rich-online-Quick solution..
    Very nice. Thank you!